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Setting the standard in Midwest seed-selling.
Cost-efficient distribution unique to our location.
We know you, so we know the seed you need.

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Leave it to MWS Seeds LLC to produce the high quality seeds that have set an industry standard. Our location makes distribution easy and efficient, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our competitive products.

  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Oats

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We are happy to condition seed before it makes its way out of our facilities. We hold Organic Certification and are experienced in Food Grade and non-GMO shipments.

  • Food Grade Soybeans
  • MOSA Certified
  • Container Loading

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MWS Seeds LLC is able to package just exactly the type of seed you are looking for. Contact us for cover crop mixing and custom orders. We pride ourselves in using the most proficient cleaning, sorting, and packaging methods.

About Us

ashkumAbout Us

We provide great seed and quality service

MWS Seeds has a long history of producing quality seed soybeans, wheat, and oats. Being located on some of the best farmland in the world, we are fortunate to produce consistent yields and quality, as we have strong seed growers with years of experience producing seed for MWS Seeds.

We have produced seed for many companies in recent years, including some of the largest in the industry, down to small breeder increase lots, and everything in between.

We can create a turn-key operation for your contract seed needs. Our proximity to several interstates make distribution easy and efficient.

We also hold Organic Certification and are experienced in Food Grade and non-GMO shipments domestically and for export.

We strongly believe that for us to be successful, our customers need to be successful, and our products need to be successful. Because we ourselves are farmers and we are close to our customers, we know the wants and needs when it comes to the traits of the products that we offer.